Best Paris photos locations for engagement and honeymoon photos in Paris


      As a Paris wedding, engagement and honeymoon photographer, I want to share with you my best photos locations for the best engagement, family, honeymoon and wedding photos in Paris.

      Visiting Paris for your engagement or honeymoon could be a great opportunity to hire the best photographer in Paris, visiting the best photos locations for a romantic photoshoot. In the light of such beauty, Paris will be the perfect backdrop for any type of romantic photoshoot. Not only for a wedding or elopement, but especially for a family, engagement or honeymoon. As your wedding photographer in Paris, let me take you to the best photos locations and places for family,engagement, honeymoon and wedding photos in Paris.



      Besides finding out the best locations and places for the best family, wedding, engagement or honeymoon photos in Paris, are you also looking for a wedding photographer in Paris? Look no further! I would love to be your photographer in Paris! If you have chosen Paris for your wedding, elopement, or engagement shoot, then I’m guessing that, like me, you’re a true romantic at heart. Paris is the epitome of the love story dream. Besides Venice, it’s the most romantic city in the world.

      It is known for its stunning architecture, incredible fashion, and obviously, enchanting fine art. It seamlessly intertwines the traditional with the contemporary. Making it the perfect choice for stylish couples’ planning a classic wedding with a modern twist. The city of love is also home to some of the most divine & luxurious wedding venues in the world. From the magnificent Ritz Hotel to the incredible Shangri-La Paris. Making it the perfect wedding destination to say ‘I do’ or just to celebrate your engagement or honeymoon. And for those awe-inspiring must-have shots around the city of love, you are spoilt for choice with the locations on offer! The options for beautiful Paris photoshoot locations are limitless. I do have a handful of favorites that I consistently find myself returning to.

      The best Paris photo locations for the most romantic photos! As a Paris photographer,  let me show you the best photo places and locations for your wedding, elopement, family, honeymoon or engagement photoshoot in Paris! From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the impressive Louvre pyramid. I will show you the best photo locations in Paris. Photo places you will want to include to get the best engagement, honeymoon or wedding photos in Paris. In the light of this, grab a notebook and get ready to find out the most instagrammable and dreamy photo places in Paris. It’s time to explore the most romantic city in the world!


      Paris, with its breathtaking expanse, offers an abundance of picturesque settings for your photos. To simplify your choices, I’ve curated a selection of my favorite photo locations that never fail to captivate. The best places and locations for photos in Paris, according to your trusted Paris photographer. The optimal spots for your wedding, engagement or honeymoon photos in Paris hinge on factors such as finding the best lighting, navigating around tourists, and encapsulating the true essence of the city.

      Planning an engagement, honeymoon, or wedding photo shoot in Paris is a dream come true. Paris, the city of love, sets the stage for romantic moments and breathtaking backdrops. Begin with envisioning your ideal shots. For example, under the Eiffel Tower, along the Seine, or amidst charming cobblestone streets. Research the best Paris photographers, ensuring they understand your vision and style as well as they will take you to the best photos locations in Paris. Consider the season:spring blooms, summer sunsets, or winter’s cozy charm for the perfect atmosphere!

      Secure necessary permits for iconic locations, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.Also, choose outfits that complement both the city’s elegance and your personal style. Scout lesser-known gems for unique, intimate shots away from the tourist crowds. Plan multiple locations to capture the diverse beauty Paris offers. Let the city’s magic guide your photo journey through the best Paris photos locations! Communicate openly with your photographer about preferences, must-haves, and special moments to capture. Leverage golden hour lighting for a warm and enchanting ambiance in your photos.

      Embrace Parisian elements such as cafés, bridges or gardens for a truly authentic and romantic feel! Incorporate personal touches, such as engagement rings or wedding attire, to tell your unique story. Opt for a mix of posed and candid shots to capture the essence of your connection. Consider a sunrise shoot for a tranquil and intimate experience in iconic locations. Collaborate with your Paris photographer to create a shot list, ensuring no special moment goes unnoticed! Reflect on the significance of each location, making your photos a journey through your love story.

      Remember, your engagement, honeymoon, or wedding photo shoot in Paris is more than images. It’s a visual celebration of your love in the city of romance! Let’s plan together your dream photoshoot in Paris! Together, we’ll ensure your wedding, honeymoon engagement or family photos in Paris reflect the timeless beauty and romance the city has to offer.


      In search of the best picturesque outdoor shooting locations for photos in Paris? Paris stands out as the city offering numerous charming spots! Here are some of my preferred places that are ideal for photo sessions.

      What are the best Paris photo locations for the most romantic engagement, honeymoon or wedding photos?

      • Eiffel Tower

      • Louvre Museum

      • Alexandre III bridge

      • Montmartre

      • streets with Eiffel tower and parisian streets

      • Trocadero square

      • Petit Palais

      • Jardin du Luxembourg

      • Parisian cafes

      According to this list, let me show you my best and favourite Paris photos locations for dreamy photos in Paris.


      Undoubtedly one of the best locations for engagement, honeymoon or wedding photos in Paris! Adoration fills my heart for Trocadéro! This expansive square provides a stunning vantage point of the Eiffel Tower. Its stylish ambiance makes it an ideal setting for a couple’s photo session. Imagine taking your wedding, honeymoon or engagement photos around sunrise, with the iconic tower as a breathtaking backdrop. When we choose this location for your pictures, I obviously schedule our photo meeting in the early morning. This in fact, ensures the most flattering natural light, and the Trocadéro remains peacefully uncrowded, with only a handful of fellow photographers in sight.


      When you envision Paris, what’s the initial image that comes to mind? For most, it’s obviously the Eiffel Tower! A response that seems almost instinctual since it’s one of the best locations for photos in Paris. However, I guess you might have experienced the Eiffel Tower surrounded by crowds during the day. I completely understand this concern and as your photographer in Paris I’m here to assist you!


      The famous art museum in Paris has a glass pyramid that’s as important a symbol as the Eiffel Tower. Your engagement, wedding or honeymoon photos taken here will clearly show you’re in Paris, at one of the best locations for photos! The pyramid is at the main entrance of the museum, surrounded by a beautiful courtyard. You can walk around and see it from different angles. Start your romantic engagement, honeymoon or wedding photo session at the pyramid and then explore other best locations you like for photos in Paris.


      While the Tuileries Gardens is widely recognized as Paris’s most famous park, Luxembourg Gardens, comes in a close second. In terms of photo opportunities, Luxembourg Gardens stands out by offering a diverse range of settings, making it an ideal location and one of the best places for a romantic photo shoot in Paris. Unlike other Parisian parks often explored as part of broader photo tours, Luxembourg Gardens has enough variety to meet all the requirements of such a session on its own.

      Despite the potential for crowds during peak tourist seasons, the enclosed nature of the gardens makes it a particularly safe option for family photo shoots, especially with young children. Since all the portraiture and candid imagery can be captured within this single location, it provides a secure and convenient setting for creating lasting memories.


      From the Louvre museum, take a straight path through the Tuileries Gardens to reach the Alexander III Bridge. In one photo shoot, you can capture shots of the bridge and, on clear days, the distant Eiffel Tower. Another option is to go to the nearby Palais-Royal Gardens. Finish your photo shoot at a classic Parisian café, enjoying coffee on the terrace. This is one of the most favourite options for photos, for most of the couples.

      Paris, with its multitude of captivating photoshoot spots, holds the top spot as my absolute favorite city worldwide. Whether you’re envisioning a romantic pre-wedding or honeymoon photoshoot, an intimate elopement, or a stylish Parisian wedding, you’re in for a treat. The city offers an abundance of stunning backdrops for you to explore and select from.

      Feeling inspired to have your romantic engagement, wedding, family or honeymoon Paris photo shoot? If you are looking for the best photographer to take photos at the best photos locations in Paris, get in touch. Let’s start planning your dream Paris photo shoot!