What is the best time to take photos with your photographer in Venice?

      If you are here you are probably trying to understand what could be the best time of the day for photos with your photographer in Venice. You recently got engaged or married and now you want to plan your engagement, honeymoon or anniversary vacation in Venice. To put it differently, you simply plan a romantic trip with your better half? In that case, where better to go on a knee and propose to her than Venice?! What could be more romantic than your treasured Venice surprise proposal, engagement, honeymoon or prewedding photos taken in Venice?  Among the Venetian bridges and canals… For this reason, Venice is the perfect city for romantic photoshoots! Once found your Venice photographer you will have to define the details about your photo shoot in Venice. For example, the most important detail will be to define what will be the best time to take your photos.


       the best time to have your photo shoot with your photographer in venice

      Planning your photoshoot in Venice by yourself might be tough. For example, even though it’s easy to find out the most picturesque places through Google Maps, it’s impossible to estimate from far tourists and lighting conditions. In the light of this, thanks to my experience as a wedding photographer in Venice, you can benefit from these easy tips. I will help you to create an unforgettable experience in the city of lovers. With this in mind, it is necessary to consider the most important aspect while planning your photoshoot. The time of the day. So, what is the best time to take photos in Venice according to your photographer in Venice?

       the best time to have your photo shoot with your photographer in venice

      The best time of the day to take photos is (surprisingly or not) during the sunset and the sunrise. Period. Above all, light is undoubtedly instrumental in photography. Even though I would warmly suggest you the morning or eventually the sunset time, you might like also the idea of planning your photo shoot by night. You can learn more about taking photos by night by clicking HERE. Let’s go back to the morning, though!

      Well, this time I will explain the importance to plan your photoshoot in Venice when the floating city wakes up. First thing to remember: as your Venice photographer I want to put you in the very best light during our photoshoot. Coincidentally, the best time in Venice for that happens to be early in the morning! Waking up early after a long flight may not sound very exciting at first, though. However, I have to say it is absolutely worth the effort!

       the best time to MEET your photographer in venice

      In the light of this, here are 3 great reasons to choose meeting your photographer in Venice in the morning – at the very best time during the day:

      • In the first place, magic happens during the “golden hour“. Sometimes also referred to as the “magic hour” is a short period of time after sunrise or just before sunset. In fact, when the sun is still low above the horizon, produces soft reddish light and long shadows. This is when all the magic happens!
      • Secondly, the air is fresh, Venice is just starting to wake up, the streets are empty. San Marco square is filled with beautifully warm natural light. This is the time when the colors are deep and rich, high contrasts are minimized. In fact, this is the perfect time to photograph in open spaces. For instance, the area around San Marco, Doge’s Palace and the shore with the floating gondolas.
      • Last and most importantly, the whole Venice only to yourself. At this point, you may ask: what about afternoon then? Why wake up early in the morning when you can get just the same light at sunset? Not only I want to get the best light, but also to make your experience as enjoyable as possible! Remember that Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world. Since most of my romantic photo shootings take place in such breathtaking areas as San Marco square, the Bridge of Sighs, Rialto Bridge, Santa Maria della Salute, and Accademia Bridge, one cannot underestimate the number of tourists. According to the English proverb, early birds catch the worms. In other words, the one who comes early gets the best chances for an easy and relaxed photo shoot. No crowds in the background, and most importantly no people right beside you.

       the best time to MEET your photographer in venice

      After all, the atmosphere in the morning is very different. You will truly enjoy the city and feel like it belongs to you. As a result, the morning light will reserve you the most beautiful photos. In addition, if you would like to enrich this experience, you should take advantage, as mentioned before, also of the night time in Venice.

      Capturing your romantic moments in the soft glow of early morning light adds a magical touch to your photoshoot in Venice. The importance of choosing this serene timeframe extends beyond aesthetics. It influences in fact, the mood, ambiance, and overall quality of your romantic engagement, honeymoon, family or anniversary Venice photos. As the sun rises, it bathes the surroundings in a gentle, warm light that is particularly flattering. This golden hour softens shadows and creates a captivating atmosphere, ideal for infusing romance into your photos. The subtle play of light and shadow during the early morning imparts a dreamy quality to your photos, enhancing the emotional impact of your romantic moments in Venice.

      Choosing the early morning, the best time of the day for your photoshoot in Venice to meet your photographer, also means avoiding the bustling crowds often found later in the day. This tranquility allows you and your partner to connect more intimately, creating genuine and candid expressions! The absence of distractions enables you to focus solely on each other, fostering a relaxed and authentic environment for your romantic photos in Venice.

      Another practical advantage is the favorable weather conditions during the Venetian morning. In many locations, mornings are cooler, providing relief from the heat of the day. This comfort allows you to enjoy your Venice photoshoot without the discomfort of high temperatures, ensuring a more pleasant experience for both you and your Venice photographer. Additionally, early mornings often reveal a unique side of Venice. Whether it’s a city awakening to a new day or nature coming to life, the early morning backdrop can add an extra layer of charm and personality to your romantic photos. The stillness of the morning allows you to appreciate the quiet beauty of your surroundings, creating a serene backdrop for your love story.

      From a technical standpoint, early morning light is softer and more diffused, reducing harsh contrasts. This gentle lighting is particularly flattering for capturing details, expressions, and intricate elements, ensuring that your romantic photos showcase both you and your surroundings in the best possible way.

      In conclusion, the importance of scheduling a romantic photoshoot early in the morning goes beyond the picturesque scenes of Venice. It’s about creating an intimate, distraction-free, and comfortable environment that allows you to authentically capture the essence of your love. The soft morning light enhances the romantic atmosphere. Providing a canvas for timeless and emotionally resonant photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime.

      I’m happy to help lovers from all around the world to arrange the best engagement, honeymoon, pre or post wedding session ever! Last but not least, keep in mind that these suggestions and advices are useful not only for your shooting in Venice but also if you consider other locations in Italy. Such as Florence, Rome, Positano, Capri. Or even in Paris! Ready to meet and make some amazing memories? Get in touch, your photographer in Venice will be ready to take care of your precious moments turning them in breathtaking memories!

        best time to have your photo shoot with your photographer in venice