Best tips for the best engagement photos in Venice


      Check out the best tips for the best engagement photos in Venice! Here you will find all you need to know for an unforgettable and romantic engagement photoshoot in the city of love. Being engaged is the best. But having a memorable engagement photoshoot in Venice with the best engagement photographer in Venice is even better! I feel so fortunate being a Venice engagement photographer! From capturing surprise marriage proposals in Venice to capturing prewedding photoshoots with my current wedding couples.

      Why does engagement photography matter? How to make the most of your engagement photoshoot? I’m sure the following tips will help you to plan the best engagement photo shoot to get romantic photos in Venice!



      Engagement photoshoots are becoming an essential part of the wedding experience. Your wedding photos will be really important, but your engagement photos in Venice will also be a precious memory. In other words, a treasure you can hang on the wall as a token of this milestone as a couple. In the light of this, Venice engagement photoshoots are my favorite! Because it’s a moment where you take your love’s journey to the next level. I love the fresh feeling of belonging. I want to capture this feeling into beautiful and timeless photographs. Indeed, an engagement in Venice deserves celebration and the memories kept tangible. So, your first pretty heirloom should start with a romantic engagement photoshoot. What better place than Venice?!

      It feels so amazing to daydream about the big day, stalk engagement blogs and save beautiful photos of Venice on your inspiration board. How do you make the most of your Venice engagement photo shoot though? As a Venice engagement photographer indeed, I created this post about tips for engagement photos as an inspiration for your Venice engagement photoshoot. In other words, here you will find the best 10 tips for a dream photo shoot creating unique engagement photos in Venice. Romantic photos that you can only dream about. Remember, the quality of your experience is related to the amount of time, love, and care you put into your preparations 🙂


      Venice is full of talented photographers eager to take your engagement photos. There are too many offers on google so the decision process can be confusing. But how do you decide which is the right one for you? In other words, how to find the one that fits perfectly your expectations? First off, check their website, IG profile as well as online reviews. As a result, do you connect with their style and personality? Do you like their editing style? Look for engagement photos that resonate with what you want and reach out ASAP to talk about your needs and wishes. The right engagement photographer in Venice will provide you with the best tips for the best engagement photos!

      At the end, you’ve chosen your Venice photographer because you love their style and their photos. So make sure you trust them on the day. Everything they do is in your best interest, to make sure you feel good and to get some seriously sweet photos. I also love to hear what kind of pictures you have in mind (if you have any). Or any specific things you want to get out of your shoot. Your engagement shoot is all about you and making sure you have fun moments that will last through beautiful photos. Trust your photographer’s direction but never be shy about speaking up if you want to do something in particular or you don’t feel comfortable with anything 🙂


      All women want to look their best on the camera. And since they are going to be photographed from far away, they want to stand out. As a photographer in Venice, I always suggest opting for longer-length dresses, possibly with train. Once seen my famous shot at the Bridge of Sighs, almost all clients who contact me want the same WOW shot on the bridge. This shot though wouldn’t have resulted so stunningly without such a huge ball gown. For this reason, if you want to get some breathtaking photos – go for it! Would you rather go with a casual look but you are not sure what to wear though? Don’t worry. Ask yourself what you would wear to a dressy bridal shower brunch or an intimate backyard wedding! In my opinion as a Venice engagement photographer, this is one of the most important and useful tips for engagement photos, especially in Venice!


      This might be one of the most undervalued tips for engagement photos in Venice. Most women want to look their best on camera. For this reason is very important to find out the perfect hair and makeup artist. A professional stylist will make you look fresh and beautiful. What’s more, they can also hide your minor imperfections. As I want to ensure to my clients the very best photographic experience, once booked the photoshoot I always send a recommendation list of the best vendors in Venice. From hair and makeup artists to the best florist, as well as the best hotels. Because staying at the most beautiful hotels could also be a brilliant opportunity to take some amazing photos.


      The beauty is in the details. As you can imagine, hands always get in the frame telling the story. Freshly manicured nails are particularly important for an engagement photoshoot.


      When it comes to the best places to take engagement photos, Venice should be in the top of the list. Whether you would prefer some photos taken at the shore with the floating gondolas or a surprise proposal at Rialto Bridge. Or perhaps you like iconic places, truly Venetian landmarks, intimate places with romantic bridges that only locals know. I have put together a guide to make it easy for you to choose the engagement photo locations that best fit your style. Venice has an endless list of breathtaking backdrops for engagement photoshoots. It is incredible that you can get amazing photos anywhere in Venice. The floating city is filled with both popular places and hidden gems to make your photos look stunning! Feel free to check out the following link, here you will find out more about the best locations for photos in Venice.


      Accessories can add interest to a look. For this reason, order a nice bouquet or flower crown. Flowers add a romantic touch and complete your look as well as the general styling of the photoshoot. Moreover, they also keep your hands busy, if you don’t know what to do with your hands (though I will guide you anyway).


      Once you’ve hired your Venice engagement photographer, it’s time to schedule your engagement photoshoot. When? Here you will find what’s the best time to take photos in Venice. Moreover, if you would like to add an additional special touch to your shooting, think about doing some photos also by night. You will not regret it!


      Remember, you’re photos are all about you and your partner. I want to capture your relationship and your personalities to the fullest, which means relaxing and having a great time being you. What’s more, there’s no need to get caught up in wanting the absolute picture perfect photos, because they’ll be perfect no matter what. Your photos will reflect you inner and outer beauty and the intimate connection between you and your partner and there’s nothing in the world more special than that. So be yourselves, goofy smiles and funny moments included 🙂


      Doesn’t sound that easy, right? Try to focus on your partner and the connection that is between the two of you. Pretend it’s just the two of you, out on a date together.


      Last but not least, including a romantic gondola ride to your engagement photoshoot would definitely be the icing on the cake. Because your visit to Venice without enjoying a gondola ride would not be complete. Why you should add this to your romantic photoshoot though? Here you can find some reasons why you should consider going for a gondola ride with your Venice photographer.

      In conclusion, you will cherish your Venice engagement photos for a lifetime. Then, share them with your friends and family. It will make many people jealous, but that’s the price to pay when your photos look gorgeous. I hope these tips for the best engagement photos in Venice will be helpful for your next romantic photo shoot in Italy!

      Ready to listen to these tips for photos and move forward booking your engagement photoshoot with your Venice photographer? Can’t wait to hear from you and be part of your Venice engagement adventure!