Best tips for the best photos in Positano with your Positano photographer


      Visiting Positano with your beloved one is the best but having a romantic photoshoot with the best Positano photographer is even better! Get lost in this charming vertical town and let your Positano photographer guide you through the most beautiful locations! As a Positano photographer on the Amalfi Coast, I love creating unforgettable photo memories for my couples. From surprise marriage proposals and engagements to weddings, elopements, honeymoon as well as anniversary celebrations. How to make the most of your Positano photoshoot though?

      As a Positano photographer indeed, I created this blog as an inspiration for your romantic photoshoot on the Amalfi Coast. In other words, here you will find the best tips for a dream photoshoot creating unique photos that you can only dream about. Remember, the quality of your photo experience is related to the amount of time, love, and care you put into your preparations 🙂


      The Amalfi Coast is full of talented photographers eager to take your romantic engagement, honeymoon or anniversary photos. There are too many offers on google so the decision process can be confusing. But how do you decide which is the right one for you? In other words, how to find the one that fits perfectly your expectations? First off, check their website, IG profile as well as online reviews. As a result, do you connect with their style and personality? Do you like their editing style? Look for photos that resonate with what you want and reach out ASAP to talk about your needs and wishes.


      Once you’ve hired your Positano photographer, it’s time to schedule your engagement or honeymoon photoshoot! When? The best time of the day to take photos is (surprisingly or not) during the sunset and the sunrise. Period. Above all, light is undoubtedly instrumental in photography. As your Positano photographer, I want to put you in the very best light during our photoshoot. Coincidentally, the best time in Positano for that happens to be early in the morning! Waking up early after a long flight may not sound very exciting at first, though. However, I have to say it is absolutely worth the effort! Even though the sunset time is so magical, I would honestly skip it in order to avoid crowds. Especially for the photos at Spiaggia Grande.

      However, if the morning might be a problem for you, don’t worry. Spectacular photos can be obtained even during the day. In fact, here you can see a few examples of photos taken in the less favorable light conditions with very bright sun.


      There is no doubt that Positano is an Instagrammable paradise. Every corner is so full of Italian charm. The main location for the most famous photos is Spiaggia Grande. What is a trip to Positano without this classic shot?! Meeting there early morning you will have the area to yourself with no people around! Another iconic place is Franco’s Bar, which offers a postcard-like view of Positano that’s hard to match. Besides these well known places, Positano offers many intimate corners. Known as the Vertical City, the streets and alleys of Positano meander down to the coast in a way that’s literally a photographer’s heaven!


      You absolutely cannot visit the Amalfi Coast without seeing it from the water at least once. Your Amalfi Coast engagement or honeymoon experience wouldn’t be complete without a boat trip. This could be a perfect thing to do in the afternoon! This way you could still be able to get breathtaking photos avoiding the crowd! Because no other view shows the true beauty of the little town on the Amalfi Coast. This has got to be one of the best photo spots in Positano!


      Most of the hotels in Positano have, obviously, some of the best views. Most of them are located somewhere on the hill, so just have a wander and find a location that offers a fantastic photo opportunity. Staying at Le Sirenuse will offer you the opportunity to enrich your Positano photo experience with breathtaking photographs!

      Villa Magia might also be a great choice!

      As well as Hotel Palazzo Murat, with its internal greenery! It’s just a couple of steps away from Spiaggia Grande.


      In conclusion, you will cherish your Positano photos for a lifetime. Then, share them with your friends and family. It will make many people jealous, but that’s the price to pay when your engagement or honeymoon photos look gorgeous 🙂

      Ready to move forward and book your romantic photoshoot with your Positano photographer? Can’t wait to hear from you and be part of your Positano adventure!