Top 11 locations for the best romantic photos in Capri


      Discover the best 11 locations for the best romantic photos in Capri, according to your Capri photographer. Visiting Capri with your family or beloved one is the best. But having a romantic and beautiful photo shoot with the best photographer in Capri is even better! Get lost in this unique island and let your Capri photographer guide you through the most beautiful locations for photos!

      As a Capri photographer, I love creating unforgettable photo memories for my clients. From a surprise proposal and engagement to weddings, elopements, honeymoon as well as family and anniversary celebrations. How to make the most of your Capri photo shoot though?


      As a Capri photographer indeed, I want to inspire you for your next romantic couple photoshoot on the Amalfi Coast. In other words, here you will find the top 11 locations for a dream photo shoot in Capri. A fantastic photo experience  creating unique photos that you can only dream about. Remember, the quality of your photo experience is related to the amount of time, love, and care you put into your preparations.

      What are the best 11 locations for the most romantic photos in Capri?

      • Augustus Gardens
      • Piazzetta & the Funicular terrace
      • Belvedere di Punta Cannone
      • Marina Piccola street’s curve
      • The Sirens’ Rock at Marina Piccola
      • Hotel Caesar Augustus
      • Via Matteotti
      • Belvedere della Migliara
      • Via Camerelle
      • Villa Lysis
      • Lo Smeraldo and Il Riccio beach club


      Faraglioni. The first thing associated to this beautiful island. It’s an Italian word that means stacks. The three faraglioni located off of Capri are the most famous in Italy and each one has a name: Stella, Mezzo, and Scopolo. Three rocky peaks that have become the world icon of Capri itself. There is no better place for stunning photos! When in Capri, there is nothing more original than having some photos taken having Faraglioni in the background. And for the very best views of Capri Faraglioni – the well known rocks of the island, be sure to find your way to the Gardens of Augustus. Choosing Augustus Gardens as the main location for your family or couple photos will offer you the very best view to document your memories. The beautiful setting and amazing views are therapy for the soul!

      This garden is truly a little hidden piece of heaven! As you can see, the garden offers a series of terraces full of flowers overlooking the blue sea. This is the best place to take a picture with the Faraglioni in the background. Can you envision yourself posing in front of Faraglioni? What a romantic setting for a honeymoon or engagement celebration!

      From the other side of the garden, if you look down from the garden you can see Via Krupp, the road that zigs and zags its way down to the water’s edge and the Marina Piccola. ​You can reach Augustus Gardens within a 5 minute walk from Capri Town and its Piazzetta! Augustus Gardens is the perfect location for family photos, especially if you travel with older members. Keep in mind this precious spot for your next travel on the island!

      This amazing garden is the perfect location for one hour photo shoot. Big enough to spend a lovely hour with your Capri photographer including all the little corners that this beautiful garden offers.


      I love taking photos at Piazzetta! Piazzetta, also known as “the little theater of the world” is the most famous square of the island. This little square is located in the historic center of Capri town. And since Roman times, it has been considered the center of the town and the meeting point of the island by both residents and others. The main element of the square is the famous clock tower, which is very often associated with the island of Capri.

      Turists arriving on the island, generally take the Funicular from the port to the terrace near the Piazzetta. This is where you will enjoy a fantastic view from the top, and therefore you could take breathatking photos. Due to the homogeneous colors, the early morning timing is great to take photos here. This might be a nice location for family photos with toddlers.




      If you want to give a special touch to your honeymoon or prewedding photo experience, you should consider to add Belvedere di Punta Cannone on your list! Also known as Piazzetta degli artisti, this place of unique allure offers a view on some of the most picturesque areas in Capri. A 20 minutes promenade from Piazzetta will lead you to the opportunity to take some of the most spectacular engagement, honeymoon or wedding photos in one of the most spectacular locations you will ever find in Capri. From this little corner of paradise you can gaze down seeing the beauty of Faraglioni, Augustus Gardens as well as the Certosa di San Giacomo. From Punta Cannone, the view is truly spectacular but if you are not fond to walking uphill, then I would warmly suggest to skip this location.


      On the way to Marina Piccola you will find this curve. This interesting spot will offer you one of the most suggestive and spectacular views on the Faraglioni. As well as one of the most suggestive places for your portraits!This is definitely one of the most famous locations for romantic photos. Popular not only for wedding, engagmenet and honeymoon photos but also for family portraits. If you would like to include this place in your photo shoot, due to the sunlight, I would suggest to do this location it in the morning.



      Capri is something that should be lived and experienced at least once in a lifetime. This island is also known as the island of the Mermaids. Did you know that? To feed the legend of the presence of sirens in Capri, in addition to the homonymous “rock of the mermaids” that characterizes the bay of Marina Piccola, Homer recounts that Ulysses, in order to escape the seduction of the Sirens, had himself tied to the ship’s mast and had his sailors’ ears plugged with wax plugs. According to legend, therefore, it was in this way that Odysseus, skirting Capri, the island of the Sirens, managed to avoid the danger that lay behind their singing. Can you imagine having your engagement or family photos taken in this magical spot?!


      As a photographer in Capri, I can definitely say that Caesar Augustus is the most panoramic and fascinating hotel in Capri. It is in fact, situated right at the start of Anacapri, the town built on the slopes of Monte Solaro, the highest part of the island. If heaven is a place on earth, it’s Caesar Augustus. Staying at this beautiful hotel would offer you the opportunity to take some of the most beautiful couple photos there!

      The statue of Ceasar Augustus at Hotel Caesar Augustus has become a symbol of Capri, in fact that spot on the terrace is pretty popular. The Caesar Augustus’s allure lies in its situation—on a cliff that gives the impression of being suspended over the sea. If you travel with your family and don’t want to go back to Capri town (in order to get to Augustus Gardens), this hotel will be the perfect location for your photos! Especially for a romantic photo shoot with your better half.



      If you are looking for a romantic place far from the touristy area, Belvedere della Migliara is the right location. This intimate place is located at the end of the famous Belvedere della Migliara walk, a narrow path that starts from the center of Anacapri. It stretches 2 km towards the south-western coast of the island, between vineyards and green meadows. At the end of the route, the Belvedere della Migliara is one of the most beautiful panoramic points of Capri, with a spectacular view of the lighthouse of Punta Carena and the vast blue expanse of the Mediterranean. This spot is not as much popular for family, honeymoon and engagmenet photoshoots as for weddings and elopements. In fact, it’s the perfect place for intimate and small ceremonies.


      History and modernity, hospitality and elegance: this is how Via Camerelle presents itself to its visitors. Defined as the street of shopping and big names, Via Camerelle offers a beautiful environment for nice couple photos. Especially early in the morning. A walk in one of the most glamorous and fashionable areas of the island will make your couple photo shoot even more romantic. Let’s discover it together, eating a gelato or enjoying an iced lemon granita!


      Even though Villa Lysis is undoubtedly one of the most charming locations for photos, it’s not that easy to get to it. In fact, from the Piazzetta, it will take about 45 minutes on foot uphill, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes! Villa Lysis might be pretty challenging, especially when it comes to family photos like this one!


      Lo Smeraldo at Marina Grande and Il Riccio beach club in Anacapri are perfect for family gatherings and celebrations. These two well known beach clubs will offer you an alternative and yet romantic setting for your photos!

      Remember, time flies fast. Too fast. Therefore, you don’t want to miss the chance to create and immortalize beautiful memories. In other words, precious mementos with your family members or your beloved one on the Amalfi Coast. A family selfie is undoubtedly fun here and there, however, if you are looking for THE family photo that you can hang on the wall, along with beautiful children’s portraits in front of Faraglioni, you definitely need a master Capri photographer. I do it for your family today, and for 20 years down the road so you remember this once in a lifetime trip to Capri.

      In conclusion, let’s have a great time together in Capri! As a fine art photographer, I have a natural as well as relaxed approach especially when taking family portraits. Moreover, I like to focus on the personality of every family and couple, mixing portraits, fine art, and most importantly, candid photos. Each photo shooting is unique and special for me, for this reason, I will do my best to ensure you a great Capri photo experience.

      Let’s meet in Capri and let’s create some unforgettable memories together!







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