Capri elopement photographer at Augustus Garden


      Looking for a Capri elopement photographer for your wedding at Augustus Garden? Look no further. Capri, especially Augustus Garden, offers the perfect backdrop for your elopement. Augustus Garden, nestled in the heart of Capri, is an enchanting wedding location for couples seeking an intimate wedding experience. Renowned for its panoramic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this secluded garden provides an idyllic setting for exchanging vows. Eloping in Capri is a choice that promises unparalleled beauty and timeless memories. Let your photographer in Capri document your love affair in one of the most beautiful wedding venues!

      Augustus Garden, perched on a cliff, boasts lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and sculptures that add to its charm. Its name pays homage to the Roman Emperor Augustus, who fell in love with the island’s beauty. You, too, will fall in love with this enchanting garden as the backdrop for your elopement!

      Let your Capri photographer transform your special day into a visual masterpiece. Eloping in Capri allows you to embrace the island’s romantic aura. You and your beloved one can exchange vows in an intimate, stress-free setting, far from the chaos of traditional weddings. Augustus Garden, with its serene atmosphere, enhances the romantic experience.

      Choosing to elope in Capri is a decision you’ll never regret. The island’s natural beauty and Augustus Garden’s romantic allure make it an exceptional choice for couples seeking an intimate celebration, as Pamela and Alec did.

      In conclusion, Capri‘s Augustus Garden is a dreamy location not only for eloping couples. Its panoramic views and historical significance create a unique atmosphere for your special occasion. Just think of a romantic surprise proposal, an engagement, honeymoon or family photo shoot! As your Capri elopement photographer, I will ensure that your memories at Augustus Garden are forever preserved in stunning imagery, making it an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


      CAPRI Elopement Photographer AT AUGUSTUS GARDEN







      I hope you are well! My fiancé and I are from New York but are hoping to get professional photos taken of us for our engagement shoot while we are in Capri. We saw your pictures on instagram and loved them! Do you have any availability this September 25th and relative pricing? Please let us know!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.