Capri family photographer at Villa Lysis


      Being a Capri family photographer taking family photos at the famous Villa Lysis was a fantastic experience. As a family photographer in Italy, I often travel to the most beautiful locations to meet amazing families. From Venice, Como Lake, Positano, and Florence to the Amalfi Coast. The list of fantastic locations for family photos is endless. In the light of so much beauty, Capri and Positano are definitely among the most beautiful places for family photos. And Villa Lysis in Capri, is the icing on the cake. If you are in search for a family photographer to capture your family time in Capri, especially if you plan to visit Villa Lysis, look no further.

      Capri family photographer at VILLA LYSIS

      Villa Lysis is in fact, one of the most beautiful buildings on the island, perfect for family photos. And I’m so happy and grateful I, as a Capri family photographer on the Amalfi Coast, had the chance to take family photos at Villa Lysis! Should you ever plan a vacation in Capri as well as a photoshoot there, please take Villa Lysis into consideration for it! The panoramic view from there is unbelievable. Believe me, you don’t want to miss the chance for such a stunning photoshoot! This family photo shoot has been a special experience even for me. The first part of this family photo shoot took place in the morning while for the second part we met in the afternoon.

      As many of you know, we often remember to take pictures of the most important moments in life. If you are in Positano, we hire a Positano photographer for important celebrations such as engagements as well as weddings. However, capturing the little events is also equally important. In fact, if you are in Capri, hiring a Capri family photographer for family photos might be a nice idea. In other words, a great opportunity to create beautiful memories. These types of photo sessions on the Amalfi Coast are a great idea. Indeed, they are ideal for capturing candid moments that truly depict the personality of your family.

      Remember, time flies fast. Too fast. Therefore, you don’t want to miss the chance to create and immortalize beautiful memories with your family members. A family selfie is undoubtedly fun here and there, however, if you are looking for THE family photo that you can hang on the wall, along with beautiful children’s portraits in front of Faraglioni, you definitely need a Capri family photographer. I do it for your family today, and for 20 years down the road so you remember this once in a lifetime trip to Capri or Positano.

      Every family is different and so is every family photo session on the Amalfi Coast, particularly in Capri. As your family vacation photographer in Capri and Positano, I will guide you through the best locations for family photos such as Villa Lysis. Making suggestions as well as pieces of advice in order to make the very best of your family shoot! In conclusion, let’s have a great time together in Capri. In other words, let’s create some mesmerizing memories of your family! As a family photographer in Italy and not only, I have a natural as well as relaxed approach especially when taking family photos at Villa Lysis in Capri. Moreover, I like to focus on the personality of every family, mixing portraits, fine art, and most importantly, candid photos. Each photo shooting is unique and special for me, for this reason, I will do my best to ensure you a great photo experience.

      Let’s meet in Capri and let’s create some unforgettable memories together!

      Capri family photographer at VILLA LYSIS





      Would love to plan a family shoot when my wife and daughter are in Capri from Oct 8th to Oct 13th if you had availability!