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      Celebrating your honeymoon in Capri meeting a Capri photographer to get some romantic photos? What a fantastic idea to celebrate your love! When it comes to destination weddings abroad, there is undoubtedly no better place to get married than in Italy! Absolutely one of the most beautiful countries. There are heaps of destinations to choose from. Whether it’s a stunning wedding venue in Venice, an outstanding terrace in Florence or Positano.

      The perfect backdrop for some super romantic not only wedding photos, but also honeymoon, engagement, family, pre wedding or anniversary photographs. For this reason, every occasion is good to celebrate love.

      As can be seen, Capri is marked out of white houses, tiny squares and narrow medieval alleyways. Moreover, these beautiful alleyways are full of flowers hanging from the balconies, which make Capri even more attractive. In the light of this, Sayuri and Nozomu wanted to have their honeymoon photos taken there, in such unique environment hiring the best photographer in Capri. A really beautiful Capri photo shoot which started beside Grand Hotel Quisisana. Sayuri was so in love with the idea of having a lot of honeymoon photos taken surrounded by marvelous bougainvillea flowers. As a result, shooting in between these colorful blooming fuchsia, orange and red bougainvillea let us to get a very unique glimpse on Capri town! Above all, Hotel Luna’s garden, next to the Gardens of Augustus, was the top!

      In conclusion, a Capri honeymoon photo shoot with a photographer is always a good opportunity to stop time. It’s not only about your wedding day. It’s amazing how just looking at a photo, your emotions, dreams, feelings come back to memory. In other words, what a photo can do it’s so powerful. It is forever and it’s not just a common saying.


      Romantic honeymoon shooting | Capri Photographer


      Romantic honeymoon shooting | Capri Photographer



      Hallo. My name is Shoko Okada. I am Japanese. I’m planning to travel to Capri in September as a honeymoon. I would like you to shoot there, how much will it cost?

      12th,September we will stay NAPORI
      13th,September we will stay capri
      14th, September we will back to NAPORI

      Wow, these are absolutely stunning! You rock at this!! I’ve never seen a honeymoon photography session until now!

      Samantha Smilovic

      Thank you Jasemine 🙂