Honeymoon photoshoot in Positano | Positano honeymoon photographer

      If you are here you are probably planning your honeymoon in Positano and what better way to celebrate than doing a photoshoot with a Positano honeymoon photographer? Let your Positano photographer guide you through the most attractive locations in Positano as well as Amalfi Coast. Positano in fact is a breathtaking location not only for honeymoon photos but also for engagement, prewedding, anniversary as well as elopement photos. Sometimes I’d like to be Asian or American only to spend my honeymoon in Italy! Indeed, Italy is the ideal place for every honeymooner. Positano will make your honeymoon a dream experience.

      To begin with, Italy is undoubtedly the home of beautiful things. With this in mind, it can be considered as an open-air museum inside a garden! As can be seen, villages on the rocks, the colorful houses, and the terraces open to the Mediterranean Sea… it is truly such a breathtaking backdrop! In fact, as mentioned before,such locations are among the most exciting destinations for couple photoshoots. Especially Positano, built right into the cliff, with all the stores and the homes stracked vertically is one of them. Every spot seems to be a perfect backdrop not only for destination weddings but also for proposals, elopements or particularly for honeymoon. In other words, every corner you turn is one hundred percent Instagram worthy!

      Ilham and Saif got married in Saudi Arabia months ago. After Rome and Venice, they obviously put Positano on the list of the beautiful destinations to visit on their honeymoon. In order to capture the moments of their unforgettable Italian honeymoon experience, they have decided to do something special. With this in mind, they decided to hire their Positano honeymoon photographer for a romantic honeymoon photoshoot. Surprisingly, not only in Venice but also in Positano.

      In fact, we spent a pleasant morning capturing some memorable shots. To be sure to capture the essence of Positano, we were wandering around the narrow streets of the colorful town. As a result, the photos turned out nothing but romantic! As can be seen, Ilham, wearing a white dress which enhanced her oriental beauty. While Saif, very elegant who lovely glanced at her, helped her walk with her heels. It was such a pleasure being their Positano honeymoon photographer!

      The first part of the shooting took place of course, on the beach –  the well known Spiaggia Grande. Unfortunately later than planned so the sun already started to be pretty bright. Despite this significant detail (for photographers only 😀 ) we still managed to capture the particular Amalfi atmosphere.  In conclusion, the second part took place at their hotel, Hotel Murat. For this occasion, Ilham wore her wedding dress.



      Honeymoon session in Positano | Amalfi Coast