Prewedding photoshoot at Hotel Danieli | Venice engagement photographer


      Engagement session or prewedding photoshoot. It doesn’t matter how you call it. Hiring a Venice engagement photographer for a prewedding photoshoot in Venice, Italy is a once in a lifetime occasion everybody should experience. Venice, besides Paris, is the capital city of love. For this reason, your prewedding or engagement photoshoot couldn’t be more romantic.

      This lovely prewedding photoshoot took place at Hotel Danieli. What’s more, the overall atmosphere was particularly warm because of the beautiful Christmas decorations. Hotel Danieli is in fact famous also for its striking Christmas decor.

      Venice offers an endless list of options in terms of locations for any type of shooting. For example, from honeymoon, engagement, pre or post wedding photoshoot, to family or anniversary photo sessions. In fact, if you would like to learn more about this topic, feel free to check out THIS blog story. Here you will find the most beautiful locations for romantic photoshoots in Venice. In other words, the most attractive and iconic places according to a Venice pre wedding photographer. What I always suggest to my couples though, is to also consider taking a part of the pre wedding photoshoot indoors. As I did with this lovely couple indeed. What’s more, before Venice we met in Tuscany as well, so you can have a look also at their prewedding photoshoot taken in Florence.

      Venice offers a lot of breathtaking palazzi facing the Grand Canal. Just think of Ca’ Sagredo, Aman, Palazzetto Pisani, St. Regis, Bauer, Palazzo Loredan and Ca’ Zenobio, Gritti, Sina Centurion Palace and many more. As a Venice engagement and pre wedding photographer, I consider Hotel Danieli as the most beautiful luxury hotel in Venice.

      The Palazzo Dandolo was once home to the Dandolo dynasty. In fact, did you know that Enrico Dandolo was the most prominent Doges, famous for conquering Constantinople in 1204? This conquest brought along with it in fact, a pay-off of marble, gold, Byzantine art as well as many other treasures. Precious treasures which are possible to cherish throughout the hotel. As you will go through these pre wedding photos, you will notice the power and the wealth of this powerful dynasty. Now close your eyes and free your mind. Can you imagine yourself in such environment? Of course you can :)

      As a prewedding photographer in Italy, I feel so lucky to take romantic and timeless photos of people in love. Lovely couples that get ready to celebrate their wedding. In the light of this, Venice is the most romantic city in the world. For this reason, your prewedding photoshoot couldn’t be more thrilling! So, let your expert prewedding and engagement photographer in Venice show you the most attractive locations in Venice.

      Additionally, you will get useful information as well as bits of advice. Precious details such as what is the best time to take photos, a point often overlooked. Or for example, what are the best places to include in a photoshoot. What is your favorite spot in Venice? In other words, if you would have to choose a place in Venice to take photos, which one you would choose? Remember, Venice is like a living souvenir so any corner or canal can be a perfect backdrop for your photos.

      Last but not least, I have gathered the most important information and details to give you the best tips for the most romantic photoshoot in Venice. Don’y hesitate to check it out! You are going to find out tips and tricks for your next photos!

      Prewedding photoshoot at Hotel Danieli | Venice engagement photographer