Istria elopement photographer in Rovinj

      Choosing Istria as your favorite elopement destination will undoubtedly make your elopement photographer in Rovinj so happy! Rovinj is in fact amongst the most beautiful and stunning wedding and elopement destinations in Istria. Istria is truly a precious gem of the Mediterranean and Rovinj, with its beauty is making Istria even more unique. This is why being an elopement photographer in Istria, especially in Rovinj makes me feel so proud of my origins. Every wedding and every elopement in Rovinj is unforgettable! So, if you are looking for the best elopement photographer in Rovinj, don’t look further. You are undoubtedly at the right place.

      Moreover, if you are looking to get some inspiration for your elopement, let me show you some amazing places. In other words, breathtaking elopement venues I had the luck to work at.

      To begin with, the fantastic Red Island, in particular Maskin Island where you can find the famous Mausoleum. A romantic uninhabited island situated just in front of this magical city. In the light of this, this is the perfect choice for those who are a bit introvert, shy but romantic. Secondly and most importantly,  Grand Park Hotel . Grand Park Hotel in fact, boasts the most insane panoramic view on the old town.

      As you can see, whether you would opt for something more intimate rather than a big fat traditional wedding, Rovinj offers amazing wedding venues. As you will see, this couple chose obviously a special place to exchange their vows. Indeed, they wanted to promise love at Hotel Lone’s garden, somewhere nearby the city.