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      As a wedding photographer in Capri, let me bring a unique perspective to your special wedding or elopement. Planning a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast? Trust your wedding photographer in Capri to capture the essence. In Capri, every frame tells a story. A story expertly crafted by your dedicated Capri wedding photographer on the Amalfi Coast. I will be there to document your elopement or wedding day with romantic and luxury wedding photos. My role as a wedding photographer in Capri in fact, is to make every moment of your wedding day memorable. Choose the unparalleled charm of Capri as your backdrop. Let a skilled wedding photographer in Capri frame your wedding memories. Whether it’s a wedding, an elopement or even a casual photoshoot such as a family, engagement, anniversary or honeymoon photo shoot.

      Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of flowers, the subtle bursts of color. Memories of a rich history, and a serene tranquility only interrupted by the lively calls of seagulls. These are just a few of the enchanting qualities of this mythical island. Capri. A flawless backdrop for a wedding, elopement, engagement or honeymoon. Stumbling upon a cinematic paradise unfolds a visual feast. Bougainvillea in tangerine and magenta hues, gleaming whitewashed villas with inviting pools, and occasional glimpses of the azure panorama. This is the allure of a scenic stroll. It liberates the mind and revives the spirit. Let your Capri wedding photographer immortalize your love in such a magical island!

      As a Capri Wedding Photographer, it comes as no surprise that you are contemplating a visit to this enchanting island. Capri, with its timeless allure, has captivated visitors for centuries. The island’s charm was first discovered by Caesar Augustus in 29 BC. A journey to Capri offers a luxurious escape from the ordinary. Where you’ll be serenaded by the gentle breeze among fragrant lemon trees, embraced by the warmth of the summer sun illuminating the Sorrentine Peninsula, and invigorated by a refreshing swim in the enchanting grottos.

      As a wedding photographer, Capri stands out as my favorite destination for weddings along the entire Amalfi Coast and in Italy. In my role as a Capri Wedding Photographer, my aim is to craft your unique story. Capturing the distinctive ambiance, your smiles, and the emotions of that significant day in this breathtaking destination.

      If you are looking for a Capri wedding photographer, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am available to take care of your wedding, engagement, elopement, honeymoon memories throughout the entire year on Capri! Drop me a message even on Instagram! I’ll gladly provide you with all the details to ensure your wedding day is truly exceptional!

      Are you in search of an exceptional Italian wedding or elopement photographer for your wedding in the Amalfi Coast area, specifically Capri? Capri, with its renowned little square, stands as an Italian gem of immeasurable value. I’m delighted that you’re considering my work as you navigate through my photo galleries. Thank you for choosing to explore my approach to narrating love stories through wedding photography. It is truly an honor to extend my photography expertise to you. Tailored to meet your expectations and enriched by a combination of fine art style and my deep knowledge of Capri and its most picturesque corners. Whether strolling through the narrow streets of Capri or savoring lemonade in one of its charming cafes. As your Capri wedding photographer, I am dedicated to capturing the unique story of your wedding day in Italy through my lens.



      Capri embodies sun, sea, vibrant colors, joy, and love. Whether you envision celebrating a religious wedding, a civil ceremony, or perhaps an elopement. Capri offers the perfect backdrop to frame your love and emotions. Capri, situated just in front of Naples, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast, stands as a true gem in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. From its stunning panoramic viewpoints, you can marvel at the incredible blue sea. Allowing your gaze to wander along the coast, taking in the breathtaking views of Mount Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples.

      With such picturesque surroundings, you have the freedom to select your preferred Capri wedding venue, along with the best wedding photographer in Capri, for your wedding or elopement. Capri in fact, offers a variety of options for destination weddings and elopement. Including churches for religious ceremonies and buildings or villas for civil ones.

      For example, for those with a romantic flair dreaming of a luxurious wedding in Capri, an intriguing option is to consider a civil or symbolic ceremony on a boat. A little distance from the coast, beneath the iconic Faraglioni. The three prominent rocks located in the southeast of Capri Island. What a joy for a Capri wedding photographer!


      Cherished since ancient times, Capri is adorned with historical testimonies that reflect the lives of those who have called this fantastic island home. Opting for a Roman villa as your ceremony venue transports you back in time, creating a wedding experience that feels like a step into the past. Wedding photos taken by a wedding photographer in Capri, against the backdrop of ruins reflecting in the sea, seamlessly blend love, cultural treasures, nature, and breathtaking views. Any wedding photographer in Capri would agree that few places in the world offer such a unique and enchanting setting! Given the enchantment of this incredible land and the romantic atmosphere it exudes, Capri stands as the perfect venue for every wedding ceremony.

      Imagine the freedom and emotions of an elopement wedding in Capri. Leaving behind the routine of daily life to embark on the adventure of a fairytale wedding or elopement. Thanks to a wedding photographer in Capri, this experience becomes a cherished memory stored in your heart forever, symbolizing the depth of your love. This underscores the significance of photography. Opting for the best wedding photographer in Capri ensures that you capture these moments as professional works of art, preserving every heartbeat and making visible every emotion. When you look at these wedding pictures in the future, you’ll have the opportunity to relive all the magic made by your Capri photographer.

      My role as Capri wedding photographer extends beyond wedding and elopement photography. Indeed, I strive to make every event in Capri special, be it an anniversary, a milestone birthday celebration, or any occasion people want to commemorate in this extraordinary setting.


      Have you considered a wedding proposal in Capri? It’s a perfect event to celebrate on this special island hiring the best Capri wedding photographer. It transforms a holiday into an opportunity to share vows for a life together. Sometimes, the bureaucratic aspects are overshadowed by the sincerity and truth of promising eternal love to each other. As a Capri wedding photographer, I become the witness of this magic. This is what truly captivates me about my profession. As Capri wedding photographer, I recognize and value the individuality of every couple. Each romantic photo I capture is personalized, taking into consideration your unique personalities. My goal is to ensure that every photo reflects the profound love you both share. I meticulously attend to details to capture the authenticity of your relationship.

      If you desire to revisit the true feelings of love, devotion, and passion through your pictures, I invite you to reach out to your trusted photographer in Capri! Book your Capri wedding photographer for a lifetime of memories that encapsulate the essence of your special day on this magical island. I can guarantee that your wedding or elopement in Capri will be nothing short of amazing! Capri, with its simplicity in accessibility, has become a popular wedding destination with the best wedding venues, attracting couples from all over the world.

      Many choose to travel by plane, coordinating their nuptials and seeking destination wedding photographers year-round. Capri is conveniently close to Sorrento, allowing for a seamless transition either by land or a short boat ride. Whether you opt for Capri Town or Anacapri, selecting the perfect spot on this magical island ensures your wedding aligns with your unique needs and requirements.

      Capri weddings are extraordinary. Set against the backdrop of an artistic island adorned with bright white homes, charming squares, and winding medieval lanes embellished with flowers cascading from balconies. The island’s captivating views, vibrant flowers, brilliant blue waters, and romantic ambience make it an ideal location for your Italian wedding. If you wish to be enchanted by one of the most amazing islands globally, make sure to be guided by the best wedding photographer n Capri.



      As a wedding photographer in Capri, I’m passionate about capturing genuine emotional moments. Considering your wedding or elopement the perfect setting to showcase my abilities. Conducting myself quietly and calmly, I capture each moment as a piece of art. Paying attention to composition and the unfolding story. Your wedding photos, reflecting small clarifications, wide grins, and the overall narrative, will be cherished for decades or even generations. Recognizing that the moments of a special day are unique and cannot be repeated, I emphasize the importance of having a skilled Capri wedding photographer to ensure the quality of photos and the smooth flow of your big day. Hiring the best wedding photographer in Capri, can significantly impact the overall experience. Turning it into a cherished and beautifully documented memory.


      My love for photography and for Capri is reflected in the exclusive and treasured mementos I create. Capturing couples in love, laughing, and crying is a source of joy for me as a Capri wedding photographer. Beginning your story from the moments the bride and groom get ready, I approach each phase with meticulous attention, understanding the timing of the entire wedding day. I’m discreet throughout the wedding or elopement ceremony, capturing a brief session of shots before the reception location. I stay present at the reception, documenting the event naturally and spontaneously. As the sunset approaches, I suggest another brief photo session. Based on the couple’s preference, I often stay after the cake cutting, capturing moments at the after-party and ensuring comprehensive coverage from beginning to end. As a wedding photographer in Capri, I take care of all of these precious moments.

      What about a luxury wedding photographer in Capri? Spreading joy and goodness, I’d take timeless and authentic luxury wedding photos of your luxury wedding or elopement. From natural backdrops to personal details and tender touches. As your luxury wedding photographer, I aim to capture the essence of your wedding day in Capri. For example, a gallery of your most tender moments, captured with crystal-clear brilliance, serves as a lasting memento. My couples seek authentic and private wedding photos that truly capture the feeling of the occasion.

      If you desire wedding photos that best represents your love, get in touch today to plan your unforgettable wedding photo shoot! Trust your wedding photographer to guide you through the best locations for romantic photos in Capri. As a result, I will ensuring your celebration of love is beautifully captured in romantic and timeless photos. For this reason, for more information on my wedding photographer services in Capri, feel free to explore my galleries and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

      Capri stands out as one of the most sophisticated wedding destinations in Italy. Synonymous with the iconic Dolce Vita lifestyle epitomized by 60s celebrities donning sunglasses. Picture leisurely summer afternoons spent meandering through Via Camerelle. Adorned with exclusive fashion boutiques. Envision sipping on the quintessential Aperol Spritz cocktail as the golden sunset bathes the famous Piazzetta in its warm glow. Among the many wedding venues in Capri, the Capri Palace, in my opinion as a wedding photographer, perfectly captures the relaxed yet luxurious ambiance of the island. It ranks among my favorite exclusive hotels in Capri, boasting both a classy atmosphere and a fantastic view from its terrace.

      On the flip side, Capri offers breathtaking natural landscapes, with its rocky coast being a particular highlight. For example, for enthusiasts of hiking, ascending to the top of Monte Solaro, accessible by chairlift, promises awe-inspiring views. Making it an excellent choice, as a result, for an outdoor elopement in Capri.

      However, my absolute favorite activity in Capri is indulging in a boat tour around the island. Pausing at the Faraglioni Rocks and taking a refreshing swim inside the mesmerizing Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto).

      I, as your wedding photographer in Capri, am here to exceed your expectations. Explore the romantic allure of Capri through the lens of a passionate wedding photographer. Planning a photo session? Your journey obviously starts with a wedding photographer in Capri who understands the island intimately. In the light of this, book your photography experience today and let the magic of Capri unfold through the eyes of your dedicated wedding photographer in Capri. Your story, your moments, perfectly captured by a photographer who cherishes the beauty of Capri. Embrace the artistry of a wedding photographer in Capri – where every click resonates with the spirit of this captivating island.

      Visiting the Amalfi Coast with your beloved one is the best but having a romantic photoshoot with the best wedding photographer in Capri is even better! Get lost in this charming island and let your wedding photographer in Capri guide you through the most beautiful locations! As a wedding and elopement photographer in Capri , Italy, I love creating unforgettable photo memories for my couples. Especially when it comes to weddings and elopements. In the light of this, let your wedding photographer take care of your precious memories beautifully.