Luxury honeymoon shooting by night |Hotel Danieli |Doge’s Palace

      When couples contact me looking for their ideal Venice photographer to take their photos in Venice, I always get euphoric. Especially, when they plan to stay at Hotel Danieli. Between engagement, surprise proposals, and family sessions, in the last time, I’ve had a bunch of requests for prewedding or honeymoon photoshoots. Is there a need to mention Venice as the most beautiful and romantic location in Italy? Photoshoots such as engagement, honeymoon or prewedding in Venice are particularly popular among Asian couples.

      Besides Venice, I had the honor to take Rachel and Bronson’s honeymoon photos also in Florence. In fact, you can check it out HERE. It was such an amazing experience! I see their different culture as very interesting. Asians are pretty shy in front of the camera. In addition, they tend to show love to each other in a more private way. In my opinion, such interaction is so sweet!

      I don’t know where to start to tell this gorgeous, elegant and luxury honeymoon adventure in Venice. There are few but so significant elements which make this honeymoon shooting even more magical:

      Venice, with all its history and beauty, keeps on revealing new and hidden corners. Fascinating spots that even after years won’t leave you emotionless. We spent the first part of the shooting by night. Starting from San Marco square we took advantage of the surrounding lighting. In other words, the night atmosphere gives you a totally different perception of the city! Why you should think about having done your engagement or honeymoon photoshoot in Venice also by night? I wrote something about this topic on THIS blog.

      Nevertheless, my favorite part of this honeymoon photoshoot in Venice took place at Hotel Danieli. I would rather leave the photos to talk instead of trying to explain why this hotel is so majestic. The next important part took place at Doge’s Palace. This stunning place deserves its own blog story too. In addition, the icing on the cake was the romantic gondola ride. Why the gondola ride is an absolute must when visiting Venice? feel free to check out THIS blog. You will find some interesting tips and curiosity about this particular Venetian transport.

      Enjoy these honeymoon photos! What is your favorite part of it?