Fashion engagement photo shoot in Milano


      When Karen reached out to me on IG, she was looking for an Italy wedding photographer. Her wish was to have an engagement photo shoot both in Venice and Milano. We were already then so excited! So we met this couple madly in love firstly in Venice and the next day in Milano. It must be remembered that Milano is the capital city of fashion. Even though has a certain lack of romance, you can equally spoil yourself hiring a Milano photographer for some portraits. Engagement, honeymoon, pre wedding, anniversary? It basically doesn’t matter. Every reason and occasion is good to collect beautiful memories, especially while visiting Italy. After seeing their photos you will definitely agree with this.

      If their engagement photos in Venice had an elegant and romantic touch, this one in Milano had a touch of fashion. We started the shooting in front of Duomo di Milano. It was great to take advantage of a space which is normally full of people. What did not play in our favour though, was the weather. In fact, a light rain and grey clouds embraced the whole city. Despite the weather, we managed to get some great shots that Karen and Antonino will cherish forever. There is a special bond that connects them to Milano. They met in Switzerland but Milano is where they fell in love.

      After some romantic photos in front of the Duomo, it was unavoidable not visiting the most famous place in the city. The second part of the photo shoot took place at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It is the oldest active shopping mall in Italy. Moreover, it is a major landmark of Milano. An interesting thing to remember about Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is that, there is a mosaic of a bull depicted on the floor. Many people believe that touching this little bull it brings good luck. According to the legend, if you spin around three times with the heal on a particular part of the bull between his two hind legs, it will bring you good fortune. Indeed, this is what Karen did. At the end of the shooting we had breakfast together.

      We left Milano heading to Como lake to shoot this small and intimate wedding in the afternoon, at Relais Villa Vittoria.

      Once their galleries were ready for delivery, they were so excited and happy with their photos. So much that they wanted us to capture also their destination wedding in Calabria. We will remember in a special way their wedding not only because it was called ”Versace wedding” but especially for the fact that it took place literally two days before Italy got its first Covid case. It was our last ”normal” wedding pre pandemic. It was February 20th 2020. But this is another story and trust us, you will be so excited to see it!

      Milano engagement photographer | Fashion pre wedding photo shoot

      Milano engagement photographer | Fashion pre wedding photo shoot