I think that life has a few easy basics. Be really really kind to other people. Trust your gut. Write down what makes you different and what keeps you inspired – it’ll keep your vision clear and honest. Be smart – like, don’t drive stupidly, or cut in line …or not wash your hands. LoL.

      Surprise your friends as much as you can. Smile when you feel sad or angry – it’ll actually make you feel better! Don’t copy people (it helps no one). Do be encouraging… to everyone (it helps everyone). Remember to not cry over spilt milk, talk to strangers, I swear you will learn so much. Show people you really really love them when you really really love them. Haven’t been sharing as much on the blog, whoops! Here’s a little catch up before the gorgeous engagement photo session in Malta: my first steps with Nikon D5… behind and (finally!) in front of the camera.

      Two thousand and sixteen