Nowadays, if there is something I deeply hate, it is the writing of the obligatory text for the blog. In the rare cases when relatively long texts happen, I owe them to my deep inspiration… Anyway, I wanted to post just few shots of our last journey, this time in Germany. Another journey to the vault, overall… a photographer’s life continues.


      NSS_6239-Copy NSS_6243-Copy NSS_6244-Copy NSS_6253-Copy NSS_6275-Copy NSS_6281-Copy NSS_6282-Copy NSS_6283-Copy NSS_6294-Copy NSS_6314-Copy NSS_6321-Copy NSS_6332-Copy NSS_6342-Copy NSS_6346-Copy NSS_6353-Copy NSS_6360-Copy NSS_6365-Copy NSS_6373-Copy NSS_6381-Copy NSS_6406-Copy NSS_6407-Copy NSS_6408-Copy NSS_6413-Copy NSS_6420-Copy NSS_6421-Copy NSS_6422-Copy NSS_6438-Copy NSS_6446-Copy NSS_6453-Copy NSS_6454-Copy NSS_6459-Copy NSS_6482_1-Copy NSS_6515-Copy NSS_6540-Copy NSS_6543-Copy NSS_6576-Copy NSS_6579-Copy NSS_6583-Copy NSS_6591_1-Copy NSS_6605-Copy NSS_6624-Copy NSS_6635-Copy