Pienza engagement photographer 

      If you are here you are probably looking for a Pienza engagement photographer in Tuscany. Oh Tuscany, beside Venice and Rome you are definitely the region of love. If you recently got engaged with a surprise marriage proposal in Tuscany, a romantic engagement trip to Pienza with an engagement photographer is obviously ideal. With this in mind, your Must-do list should particularly include hiring an engagement photographer in Pienza. Visiting Pienza as well as Vitaleta Chapel, will offer you a unique occasion to get your engagement or prewedding photos taken. Additionally, your Pienza engagement photographer will show you the most beautiful locations for engagement, prewedding, wedding, honeymoon and anniversary photos in Tuscany. Furthermore, your Tuscany engagement photographer in Pienza will provide you with lots of amazing memories. Amazing photos ready to be used for example, for the wedding invitations or  save-the-date.


      In fact, how many weddings did you attend where the couples use their engagement or pre wedding photos? For example, framed among the wedding decorations, on the sweet corner or even as seat markers. How many invitations did you get with a professional photo on it? Instead of hiring a graphic designer to design all the stationery, why not use beautiful engagement images of yourself in Pienza? We still remember the first time we have seen the pre-wedding photos we took in Malta. The couple used them to decorate the wedding showroom. What a nice surprise even for us!

      A point often overlooked however, is the importance to have a prewedding or engagement photo shoot with an engagement photographer, especially in Pienza, Tuscany. We should explain this concept better. Probably most of the couples sometimes are confused about it. In this situation a lot of them simply say ”We basically don’t need the engagement photo shoot because we are already engaged!”. In the first place, we must remember that the pre-wedding photo shoot actually helps you. How? It helps you prepare for your wedding day!



      • The breathtaking landscapes of Pienza and the rest of Tuscany region offer you endless romantic locations for your engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot. So you can basically visit a several number of them. Instead of the typical two or three sites (in the case you would have chosen for the shooting any other city to go to).

      • You can consider your Pienza engagement photo shoot with your photographer as a form of a good chill out therapy 🙂 Spending an hour or two with your better half, you will have so much fun together. Especially considering the peace of being fully immersed in nature. And what about the pastel colours of the Medieval buildings? It’s such a perfect destination for relaxed couple photo shoots. In fact, it is the ideal choice to escape from the big city noise.

      • At the end of the engagement shooting in Pienza you will be even more inspired and excited about your wedding, thanks to your Pienza engagement photographer

      • Another key point we obviously must mention is the excellent food 🙂 An essential detail that will chiefly beautify your Tuscan experience

      • Doing your pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot in Pienza will help you to get to know your wedding photographer better. As a result, you will feel and most importantly, you will look more relaxed on your wedding day. Another point overlooked is posing. In this way you will get some knowledge of your preferences on your wedding photos.

      • Most importantly, you will get some really romantic and nice photos from a period of your life. A special period such as the time of your engagement. The vast greenery and the rolling hills will create the chance of dream-like photos. Photos that you would think exist only in the most romantic movies. Word of an engagement photographer in Pienza!


      Another thing we have to mention is that, except the beauty of these landscapes, the shooting can include other beautiful places. For example, we can visit quite medieval hilltop with amazing architecture and not only. In fact, these medieval towns benefit of quiet and romantic streets. And most importantly, unlike Florence or Siena, uncrowded places. Given these points, a thing that we often mention to our couples is the following: photos are memories. And we often understand and appreciate the value of memories, unfortunately only once ”it’s too late”. In other words, when the moments have gone. For this reason, don’t think twice. As soon as you will have the opportunity, grab the chance and consider to come to Tuscany, specifically Pienza to take your engagement photos with the best engagement photographer.

      This is what Cinde and Tono did. As many other couples, they chose Italy as destination for their engagement and pre-wedding photo shoots. We firstly met them in Venice and secondly in Tuscany. Precisely in Pienza. In fact, the first part of the shooting took place in the early morning in this Medieval town. We enjoyed a unique atmosphere of a wakening town. Afterwards, in the afternoon we went to Monticchiello where we stopped for some landscape clicks.

      The most exciting part for us honestly, was taking photos between the rows of cypresses. Seeing live such environment looks so unreal! In conclusion, the icing on the cake was the last location of the photo shoot. The amazing and probably the most famous Tuscan site: Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta (Vitaleta Chapel ). On one hand we haven’t been so lucky to have the perfect light as we reached the place almost at the end of the sunset. Moreover, it was pretty cloudy. But on the other hand, their portraits turned out beautifully.

      It was a huge pleasure to meet such a lovely couple in Tuscany. Additionally, it was even more a honor to take their engagement photos in Pienza, being their engagement photographer. We spent a fabulous time in both Tuscany and Venice.

      So, as mentioned before should you ever plan a trip to Italy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a honeymoon, pre-wedding, engagement or even anniversary trip. Don’t miss the chance to hire us as your Italy wedding photographers. As you trusted photographer, we will plan an unforgettable romantic Pienza engagement, wedding, pre-wedding or honeymoon photo shoot for you!

      In conclusion, as your Pienza engagement photographer, we can assure you that you will never regret doing a Tuscany couple session. However, you may regret not doing one 🙂