Prewedding engagement photographer Venice


      Looking for the best prewedding engagement photographer in Venice? Look no further! As a prewedding engagement photographer in Venice, I travel a lot through Italy to meet lovebirds in the most fascinating destinations. In other words, unique places such as Positano, Rome, or Como Lake. In the light of this, who wouldn’t dream of having the engagement and prewedding photos taken in Venice? For this reason, let your Venice prewedding photographer guide you through the most attractive spots in Venice. Fantastic locations worth visiting not only for your prewedding and engagement but also for your anniversary, family, or wedding photoshoot. In the light of this, here you can find some inspiration for your future engagement and honeymoon photoshoot in Venice.

      As a prewedding photographer in Italy, I feel so lucky to take romantic and timeless photos of people in love. Lovely couples that get ready to celebrate their wedding. In the light of this, Venice is the most romantic city in the world, for this reason, your prewedding photoshoot couldn’t be more thrilling! So, let your expert prewedding and engagement photographer in Venice show you the most attractive locations in Venice.

      Additionally, you will get useful information as well as bits of advice. Precious details such as what is the best time to take photos, a point often overlooked. Or for example, what are the best places to include in a photoshoot. What is your favorite spot in Venice? in other words, if you would have to choose a place in Venice to take photos, which one you would choose? Remember, Venice is like a living souvenir so any corner or canal can be a perfect backdrop for your photos.

      Another key point is, why you should consider to include a gondola ride.

      Yumi and Michele wanted to have their prewedding photos done in Venice, obviously. What’s more, they wanted to enjoy also a romantic gondola ride during their photoshoot. Being their prewedding photographer in Venice has been an honor, especially because we met in a pandemic time. So, the fact of meeting in such a difficult time, sharing this difficult time, trying to do something normal, has been a whisper of hope even for me.

      In conclusion, I’m pretty sure you are going to find some inspiration for your engagement photoshoot in Venice. With this purpose in mind, feel free to take a look at my other prewedding stories. Love stories documented not only in Venice but also in Florence. Venice is the city of love so you will undoubtedly find a perfect intimate corner for your romantic photos. Can you imagine yourself, posing through the canals of the lagoon with your Venice engagement photographer? Of course, you can 🙂

      Last but not least, pay attention to the photos taken at the Bridge of Sighs. Can you believe I took these photos at 4pm?!

      Enjoy this pandemic prewedding photos!