Romantic elopement Scuola Grande dei Carmini – Venice wedding

      Venice is one of the most romantic cities not only in Italy but also in Europe. In fact, a lot of couples from around the world come to Venice to elope, meeting their Venice wedding photographer. In particular, they often choose Scuola Grande dei Carmini as an elopement or wedding venue. Scuola Grande dei Carmini is one of the most beautiful and romantic venues to elope in Venice.

      What must be remembered is that this wedding venue is perfect not only for a civil wedding or a symbolic ceremony. It is a brilliant choice indeed, also for renewing your vows as well as love, after many years of marriage.

      If you are looking to get some inspiration for a romantic elopement in Venice, this story is for you. Ashley and David’s love story is not only about their elopement ceremony. Before heading to Scuola Grande dei Carmini, we spent some time at San Marco’s square. The intention was to take some beautiful photos and portraits in the very best light skipping the crowds.

      A romantic early morning photo shoot before the ceremony

      As a Venice wedding photographer, I often got asked about the best timing to take photos in Venice. You can learn more about this topic by clicking HERE. According to my bits of advice, Ashley and David met me early in the morning at their hotel. As you will see, this love story starts with some groom’s portraits waiting for the bride. The moment Ashley appeared on the top of the bridge, behind the groom, was truly so emotional. I’m always excited when I’m able to capture the first look! I think I should dedicate a blog also to the importance of the first look 🙂

      After the touching first look, we headed to San Marco’s square. Some portraits here, other romantic moments captured there and the time to head to Scuola Grande dei Carmini arrived.

      In conclusion, visiting Venice skipping the gondola ride is like going to Rome skipping the Vatican. Is there a better way to conclude an elopement celebration than enjoying a gondola ride in company of your Venice wedding photographer? 🙂

      This is in fact what we did!


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