Why considering to have a romantic photo session in Venice by night?

      In the collective imagination, opting to have an engagement, pre or post wedding session by night is not so common. For some couples, even the early morning timing could sound unusual as choice for their photos to be taken so, in this case it could be even more inconceivable.

      As stated several times before, I will never get enough of affirming how Venice is one of the places you simply must see at least once in a lifetime. Every spot is the perfect backdrop for a picture: whether it’s a gondola, a historical monument or just the lagoon with its great colours, you won’t get better images anywhere else in the world

      If the first morning light, with its golden hour preserves the most beautiful shots, a photo session by night will offer you a unique experience under the stars. When the sun goes down, a cool breeze blows in from the lagoon, the lanterns come on, the peeling plaster glows in the moonlight, and Venice resumes its position as Europe’s most romantic city. Fantastic in the morning but even more charming and mysterious at night! Why should you think about enjoying a photographic love story even by night?

      I’m sure you have seen plenty of shots taken on the sunlight in San Marco, beside Doge’s Palace or nearby the floating gondolas. Seeing the same spots wrapped in the night makes everything more mystical. Can you imagine Giacomo Casanova hooded with a black cape, holding an oil lamp while he’s crossing Piazza San Marco? In Venice, the night has the unreal power to transform the whole city in something fantastical. If you add on this picture also the mysterious value of the fog, than you will truly end up to believe it’s a beautiful dream, even with bare shoulders at -1 degrees

      Why considering to have a romantic photo session in Venice by night?



      We will be in Italy Venice 4/5-7/15 anything available to take pic in the evening..

      Hi! My fiance and I are looking for a honeymoon photographer next July during our honeymoon in Amalfi Coast/ Capri. Was curious about your process, fees, ect!
      Thank you!

      Hello Kelly! Will get back to you shortly by e-mail.


      Hi Samantha,

      I have a question. I am looking for a possible proposal for sometime early morning, afternoon or early evening in Venice on May 27th? Are you available or would you be able to help? I’m looking at being different and doing it on top of the T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi (the deck on top) or a bridge like Ponte del Cavalletto or Ponte dei Pugni that is away from the tourist areas (don’t want to be in a huge crowd). If you have any suggestions as well I am open to hearing them.




      Are you available on July 19th, 2018 for a night shoot like the one in your portfolio? Can you please give me your rates? Thank you!