Rovinj photographer at Grand Park Hotel Rovinj


      Looking for a Rovinj photographer while staying at Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj? Someone to document your staying in Rovinj with beautiful family, anniversary or honeymoon photos? Look no further! As your vacation photographer in Rovinj, I will take care of your memories while visiting one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia! Istria has so many beautiful locations, such as Motovun, Porec or Groznjan. But among all these picturesque places, Rovinj is probably the best. Every engagement, honeymoon, wedding or anniversary photo shoot in this unique town is a daydream. I’m sure every Rovinj wedding photographer would agree with this thought.

      Celebrating a special occasion as an engagement, wedding anniversary, or a honeymoon holiday in Rovinj is definitely an unforgettable experience. Rovinj is one of those place that you can’t forget. Especially if we consider Grand Park hotel as main location for a glamorous and chic photo shoot. This hotel is a retreat of luxury and fulfillment in Istria. From the moment you step in, you know that it is gonna be unique. From the pinewood gardens to the breathtaking and so unreal view to the Old Town of Rovinj. With this in mind, Anna and Matthias couldn’t find a better place where to celebrate such important event. Precisely, their 10th wedding anniversary. Given the particular feature of the celebration, they wanted to immortalize some memories of the day. So, what a better choice to hire an Istria wedding photographer?

      For reasons that we already mentioned previously HERE, we met early in the mornig. The weather was lovely. The pool was still uncrowded. The first part of the anniversary photo shoot focused there. Indeed, the outdoor infinity leisure pool is the gratest strenght of Grand Park hotel. From there, nobody can’t resist to the rare beauty of a gem such as Rovinj. Looking at the first couple of photos, you will get what we mean :) The put it another way, the perfect cornet to get the perfect photos for Instagram.

      Afterwards we moved inside. For the second part of the anniversary photo shoot, Anna had a brilliant idea. Indeed, they booked a Presidential suite. For this part she wanted to show her idea of perfect family. At this point Matthias went to get their dog. A lovely and so cute white Sighthound dog. We didn’t manage to get into confidence though. She was so shy in front of us. Inspite of this, we equally made it to take some great portraits of her.

      It was short but sweet. It’s easy to get such great results when you have such great conditions, isn’t it? A fantastic spot with the perfect weather. The ideal light with a such unreal view. Most important thing: a couple with a great sensitivity for the beauty. Totally realxed in front of the lense. We wish every Rovinj wedding photographer in Istria couples like this one :)

      Rovinj anniversary photographer at Grand Park Hotel