San Canzian – Surprise marriage proposal at small luxury hotel in Istria 

      Saying YES in Istria with a romantic surprise marriage proposal in San Canzian?  Why not?!

      Are you visiting Istria and planning to propose your beloved? Do you want your wedding proposal to be perfect? Surprise your better half with an Istrian wedding proposal! Kneel down in one of the most romantic and beautiful destinations in Europe . Share and relive this moment with your family once you go back, together with the photos captured from the proposal.

      Istria, coupled with Dalmatia, is the most famous county for destination weddings in Croatia. Just think for example, of the breathtaking view on the endless vineyards, olive groves and the Mediterranean sea. In the light of this, any Istria wedding photographer couldn’t feel more privileged to work in such heaven!

      With this in mind, Istria county is not only just the land of destination weddings and romantic elopements. Recently, a big number of couples started to choose the Istrian peninsula for romantic getaways. The ideal occasion to hire an Istria wedding photographer and have a romantic couple photoshoot! Not only honeymoon, family or engagement photo sessions but particularly great marriage surprise proposals.y

      Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Finding a quite spot in Istria to pop the question is the right choice. For the most romantic moment of your life, you’ll want to propose in a suitably-special setting. Beside Stanzia Meneghetti, the brand new San Canzian village & hotel places itself among the best luxury small Istrian hotels. The perfect venue to say those special words: “Do you want to be my wife?”

      This is what Oliver did last week.

      Let us amaze you with this romantically rustic love story.

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