San Canzian surprise marriage proposal | Istria photographer 

      Let this San Canzian surprise proposal inspire you in case you plan to go down on a knee in Istria.

      If Venice and Paris are considered to be the most romantic cities ideal for romantic surprise proposals, there is another piece of heaven which must be mentioned. This time I’m talking about Istria. Another previous gem in Europe. Istria is in fact, a magical region that recalls Tuscany.

      If you are here you are probably considering the idea of planning a romantic proposal at San Canzian Village & Hotel. Therefore, if you are here you are probably looking, for example, for a wedding photographer in Istria. Beside Stanzia Meneghetti, Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj as well as Roxanich in Motovun, San Canzian is considered to be the ultimate luxury location for weddings and not only. In fact, it offers an iconic environment for any type of celebration. For example, engagement, honeymoon, elopements or, as you can see, romantic surprise proposals.

      What’s more, Istria enjoys an excellent long list of amazing wedding venues. Breathtaking wedding locations perfect for any type of celebrations such as private as well as corporate events.  Private villas such as Villa Polesini, Villa Lav or Villa Poropati. Or for instance, boutique hotels such as San Canzian, San Rocco or the previously mentioned Stanzia Meneghetti.

      This little piece of heaven is situated in the heart of Istria. If your intention is to experience an authentic Istrian vibe, San Canzian will obviously be the ideal option for you. Another key point beside the stunning location, is its outdoor infinity pool. In fact, the breathtaking panoramic garden view will undoubtedly take your breath away!

      In conclusion, at San Canzian Village & Hotel you will find the perfect place to celebrate your love. Moreover, if you are dreaming of having some romantic photos of you in Istria, you are at the right place. In fact, as an Istria wedding photographer, it will be my pleasure to accompany you in such incredible moments. Capturing one of your most unforgettable moments at San Canzian Village.

      Thanks to this lovely wedding crew:

      San Canzian – Surprise marriage proposal | ISTRIA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER