Top 10 places for family photos in Venice | Venice family photographer

      Discover the best 10 places for family photos in Venice, according to your Venice family photographer. Let’s be honest, Venice, with its romantic places, is undoubtedly the most photogenic city in the world. When visiting Italy, having your family photographed is just the best way to stop the time, isn’t it?

      Create your family’s photographic legacy in Venice by choosing the best family photographer as well as including the best locations in Venice! Booking a professional photo shoot for your family while on a trip to Venice is the perfect occasion to show your family members how beautiful and loved they are.

      In the light of this, don’t miss the chance to create gorgeous photos of the ones you love the most. Therefore, let your Venice family photographer guide you through the most beautiful places on this magical island.

      What are the top 10 locations for family photos in Venice?

      • Ponte Chiodo bridge
      • Rialto Bridge
      • San Marco’s square
      • Bridge of Sighs
      • Piazzetta San Marco
      • Riva degli Schiavoni
      • Doge’s Palace arches
      • Gondola ride
      • Less crowded/intimate corners
      • The Grand Canal


      This is definitely one of the most suggestive places of the island. In fact, wherever you turn, there is the perfect spot for the perfect photo. While on the promenade, I always include this beautiful shore on my photo tour. So, how could I skip such spectacular location with all the gondolas around you?


      It connects the south side of the Piazza to the waterway of the lagoon. In fact, it lies between the Doge’s Palace and the Biblioteca Marciana on the west. This is where I photograph my families in front of the Gothic arcades of Doge’s Palace. As you can see, Piazzetta San Marco offers the perfect landscape especially during Christmas time with its well known Christmas tree. In other words, what a fantastic postcard to bring at home!


      Ponte Chiodo or Nail Bridge. It must be remembered that, there are more than 400 bridges in Venice but Ponte Chiodo is a very particular one. The reason is that it is the only one bridge with no railings! The first bridges built in this magical city, were all similar to Ponte Chiodo: they didn’t have any protections on the sides.

      This means that they were not preventing people from falling in water! Only from 1800 on though, due to security reasons, all bridges were all secured with railings. Another interesting fact about Ponte Chiodo is that it doesn’t connect two streets but it only leads to a private building. What’s more, this bridge takes the name of the family who owned it! In fact, ”Chiodo” means nail and Nail was the surname of the noble family which owned the bridge in the past. Ponte Chiodo is a very interesting location for any type of photoshoot!


      Venice is St Mark, Rialto Bridge, Doge’s Palace, Accademia Bridge, Punta della Dogana or Santa Maria della Salute. But most importantly, Venice is also those romantic narrow alleys where you can withdraw with your beautiful family. Far from prying eyes you will be able to live the Venetian experience on a higher lever!


      This is undoubtedly the most famous and popular place for photos.


      Built in Venetian Gothic style, it was the residence of the Doge of Venice. It is very popular to take photos under its arcades. In fact, this is definitely one of the most favourites places of my clients.


      Did you know that it was originally made of timber? Rialto Bridge was built of stone in 1591. It must be remembered that the original structure was built in 1255 and had survived being burnt during a revolt and a collapse under the weight of a crowd on it. Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge in Venice.



      What could be more beautiful than a beautiful photo of your beautiful family with the Bridge of Sighs in the backdrop? What’s more, this famous bridge assumes particular importance during a romantic gondola ride. In fact, it is believed that if you kiss on a gondola when passing underneath the Bridge of Sighs, you will enjoy eternal love.


      Including a gondola ride in the photo shoot is always a good idea! Symbol of history, tradition and romance. A gondola ride in Venice ranks among the most dreamed – about experiences for couples in love and not only.