Le Bal Oriental – Venice extravagant wedding at Ca’ Zenobio

      Have you ever been dreaming of Venice as your ideal destination wedding? Can you think of a perfect extravagant wedding venue, possibly facing the Venetian Grand Canal? Just imagine:

      • A warm welcome party at Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciatore
      • A touching wedding ceremony at Chiesa dei Carmini
      • An extravagant Le Bal Oriental inspired wedding party at Ca’ Zenobio
      • An artistically romantic post wedding Venice photoshoot at Santa Maria della Salute

      In the light of this, choosing to tie the knot in Venice is the right answer! Indeed, this could be the recipe for a truly unforgettable wedding in Venice. What’s more, with a wedding venue such as Ca’ Zenobio palace, you would make your Venice photographer particularly happy ?

      A stunning ballroom, “Hall of Mirrors” decorated not only with scenes from the life of Empress Zenobia, but embellished particularly with extravagant floral decorations and candle lightings. Let yourself be enchanted by this real masquerade wedding inspired by Le Bal Oriental.

      venice extravagant wedding ca zenobio le bal oriental


      Renting a luxury palace in the most romantic city worldwide, is certainly a unique experience. Just think, walking the same floors as some important history’s individuals… Such an insane impression! Together with many majestic palaces such as Hotel Danieli, as well as Sina Centurion, Palazzo Loredan still stands impressively on the Grand Canal. Built in the late 1400’s, Palazzo Loredan  is unquestionably a fine example of Venetian Gothic architecture.

      Another key point is that this beautiful palazzo is the birthplace of two Doges. Moreover, it also became the home of the Austrian Empire ambassadors so, consequently the palace was called ”dell’ambasciatore”. It must be remembered that, at the time Palazzo Loredan was built, the Serenissima was at the height of its power.

      Palaces were not only homes, but business headquarters for personalities such as Venetian nobility, traders or merchants. With attention to this, Venetian palaces were designed to impress. They were considered icons that represented not only Venetian’s commercial and political but also cultural superiority.

      It is well known that, in 1749. Giacomo Durazzo becomes ambassador in Austria, to the court in Vienna. Once appointed as director of the imperial theaters, he started a reform not only of the ballet but also of the opera. Of course, he gained a certain reputation for sentimental relations. On his list there were several actresses and ballerinas. As a result of this, in 1764. he was forced to resign. This is the reason why he moved into Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciatore with Ernestine, his wife. She was lady of bedchamber and maid of honor to Empress Maria Theresa.

      In March 1771. a young Mozart passed with his father through Venice. Count Durazzo knew them from his past days in Vienna so, he invited them over for dinner. As a result of this meeting, Durazzo arranged a private concert of Wolfgang. Another interesting anecdote is that, centuries later it will come to light that Durazzo was the first to get his hands on Vivaldi soundtracks. Scores which disappeared for two centuries!

      In 30’s, Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciatore was a wedding gift from Achille Gaggia to this daughter. Filippo, his great – grandson has restored the palace preserving its ancient charm. The Piano Nobile della Loggia, where Emily got ready, is the piano nobile where Filippo’s grandmother use to entertain.

      Venice extravagant wedding at Ca’ Zenobio – Le bal oriental