Venice luxury Jewish wedding at Ca’ Sagredo and Belmond Cipriani


      There is something special about being a Venice wedding photographer at Ca’ Sagredo and hotel Belmond Cipriani. As a wedding and elopement photographer in Venice, you get to know amazing humans and not only. We also visit luxury stunning locations such as hotels on the Grand Canal, the best wedding venues in Venice as we previously did at Hotel Danieli, Gritti, St. Regis, Sina Centurion Palace or Aman. This Venice luxury Jewish wedding at Ca’ Sagredo and hotel Belmond Cipriani was a multi days wedding celebration:

      For the most romantic lovers, celebrating a wedding or an elopement in Venice is nothing more than the icing on the cake. Actually, as a Venice wedding and elopement photographer we can state this is not only limited to a wedding or elopement. Even having just a pre wedding, an engagement or a honeymoon photoshoot can be considered as crowning a dream. Is there any more romantic city than Venice to celebrate love?

      Let’s have a look at Josh and Tory’s Venice luxury Jewish wedding at Ca’ Sagredo and hotel Belmond Cipriani 🙂


      venice luxury jewish wedding ca sagredo belmond cipriani

      Rise your hand if you know a more romantic way to leave your hotel in order to reach the rehearsal dinner venue in Venice?! What an original way to start a wedding celebration in Venice! A romantic gondola ride on the Grand Canal. Leaving Hotel Al Ponte Vecchio by gondola to get to Ca’ Sagredo hotel, one of the best wedding venues in Venice. And everything beautifully captured by your Venice wedding photographer!

      If you are a true lover of Venice, you will undoubtedly have a certain knowledge about its palaces. Old palazzi facing the Grand Canal. Just think about the magnificence of hotel Danieli or Gritti. Coupled with palazzi such as Grand Hotel dei Dogi, Aman, or St. Regis, they represent the best wedding venues in Venice. The most prestigious wedding venues for the most demanding and luxury weddings. What’s important to state is that, in the light of this,  Ca’ Sagredo is definitely among the most beautiful palaces  and wedding venues in Venice.

      A true Venetian gem, Ca’ Sagredo sits beautifully nearby Rialto Bridge. Its piano nobile depicts the ideal lavish environment for gatherings. If you are dreaming about living a fairytale wedding day in a Venetian palazzo, Ca’ Sagredo is an excellent choice! As you can see, there is something really seductive about this majestic wedding venue in Venice.

      When visiting this luxury hotel, you should definitely consider spending some time at the famous staircase. One of the most iconic indoor spots. The beauty of this staircase, together with an impressive affresco represents a breathtaking place for some great photos. Not only for the newlyweds but especially for their guests.

      Seeing Victoria and Josh in these photos, we still feel the love and the magic between them. Having been their Venice wedding photographer at Ca’ Sagredo and hotel Belmond Cipriani was literally an honor for us. Together with their wedding videographer White Films, we managed to capture some romantic wedding moments.

      Celebrating a wedding in Venice, in the presence of family and friends has a particular meaning. It means giving them the ultimate cultural experience of a lifetime. What about starting the celebration with a masquerade rehearsal dinner at Ca’ Sagredo palace, one of the best wedding venues in Venice? Masquerade events, in fact, add a hint of mystery and a splash of romance! Venetian masks and red roses. What a nice match! A luxury wedding in Venice at Ca’ Sagredo and Belmond Cipriani, with so many wedding details such as this one, will always make particularly thrilled your Venice wedding photographer 🙂



      Venice is the capital city of love. Every single corner is a living souvenir. For instance, San Marco’s square, bridges over canals, the Bridge of Sighs… all make for picture-perfect photo opportunities! With this in mind, as a Venice wedding photographer, we can definitely tell you an unquestionable truth. There are no wrong spots for romantic photos in Venice! Nevertheless, to get the very best photos you must consider a key point. Doing the couple photo session early in the morning. Why? Feel free to click HERE to learn more about this.

      This early morning pre-wedding photoshoot was a brilliant opportunity to get to know better the couple. Stress-free, perfect light, the whole Venice just for them… In other words, everything perfectly in harmony.


      Here we are. The big awaited day has arrived. Staying at the Gritti hotel, one of the most prestigious hotels on the Grand Canal offers you the opportunity to take some good photos of your getting ready. If you would rather skip this part, you should consider spending some time at least at the bar. The Gritti got a certain charm – is there any better corner to take some groom portraits?


      If there is a Venice wedding venue where you can literally breathe the magic, it is undoubtedly Hotel Belmond Cipriani. Undoubtedly one the very best wedding venues in Venice. The first thing to remember about this luxury Jewish wedding at Ca’ Sagredo and hotel Belmond Cipriani  in Venice, is the team of vendors. A brilliant team of professionals who have contributed to making this Jewish Venice wedding at Belmond Cipriani and Ca’ Sagredo even more magical:

      • Munaretto flowers as florist, doing a really amazing job with the wedding decorations of the Chuppah
      • White Films as videographers
      • Britpops band took care of the nightlife atmosphere
      • Luigi and Roberta Marchiori as hairstylist and make-up artist, standing even more out the beauty of Tory
      • last but not least, ourselves Moon::Weddings / Samantha Smilovic as photographers 🙂

      The most romantic corner of Belmond Cipriani’s property is definitely the Antique Gardens. In fact, this is where the ceremony, following the Jewish traditions took place. Obviously, under a Chuppah richly decorated with greenery and roses. Overlooking the lagoon.