Venice Wedding Anniversary Photographer at Palazzetto Pisani


      This Venice wedding anniversary will undoubtedly make every Venice photographer want to visit Palazzetto Pisani! Every occasion is good to visit beautiful places in Venice, especially old buildings on the Grand Canal.

      What are the best locations to celebrate a wedding anniversary in Venice?

      • Palazzetto Pisani
      • Ca’ Sagredo
      • Scala Contarini del Bovolo
      • Scuola Grande dei Carmini
      • Hotel Danieli
      • Ca’ Zenobio
      • Aman
      • Hotel Belmond Cipriani

      Choosing Venice as the destination to celebrate love is always a good idea. Every anniversary should be celebrated as it deserves not only by planning an epic celebration party but also by hiring a Venice photographer. A professional photographer which will be able for example, to beautifully capture such important moments. In fact, there are endless options for how you might stylishly celebrate your wedding anniversary. But let’s see what are the main options. The 6 most romantic things to do in Venice to celebrate a wedding anniversary, according to your Venice photographer.

      If you are planning on going to Venice to celeberate your wedding anniversary there are 6 romantic things you undoubtedly must do:

      • to begin with, toasting with a cup of champagne at Florian Cafe, the oldest cafe in Venice
      • taking a romantic gondola ride for example under the Bridge of Sighs
      • booking a romantic dinner at Hotel Danieli , as well as Aman with a spectacular view
      • visiting the colorful island of Burano, possibly by water taxi
      • having a tour at Scala Contarini del Bovolo
      • last but not least, hiring a Venice photographer for a couple photoshoot

      The icing on the cake would obviously be planning a celebration party at one of the most beautiful palaces overlooking the Grand Canal. As did Enzo and Aurelie from Paris choosing Palazzetto Pisani. I have spent a really nice and lovely time with them.

      Alexandre from Venezia Hub and More Festival took care of the evening vibe creating such a pleasant atmosphere with his music. In fact, all guests felt pretty relaxed and this way I managed to capture some nice and lovely candid moments.


      Venice Wedding Anniversary Photographer at Palazzetto Pisani