What are the best places for wedding or couple photos in Venice?


      If you are here you are probably in search of the best places for romantic photos in Venice. Amazing places that will beautify your engagement, wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary photoshoot. To begin with, planning your engagement, prewedding, wedding, or honeymoon photoshoot from abroad, might be a tough task. For this reason, let your Venice photographer lead you to the most beautiful and magical locations in Venice.

      For example, from a romantic gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs to the Grand Canal. A romantic early morning photoshoot in St Mark’s square or a dramatic photoshoot by night in front of Doge’s Palace? Let’s meet up to make some amazing memories! When it comes to couple photoshoots especially in Italy, the poetry of Venice has not surprisingly struck fame! Word of your Venice photographer <3

      In the light of this, I’m here to help you and assist you to live your Venetian experience. An experience that has to be lived at its best. The engagement period, as well as the one immediately after having tied the knot, in other words, the honeymoon period, it’s a sweet and special time in your relationship. For this reason, it is quite lovely to remember that with some romantic photos of you two as a couple. It must be remembered that having some honeymoon, engagement or even anniversary photos taken in Venice is such a fantastic opportunity to keep such memories forever alive.

      When in Venice, each twist and turn leads you to another canal. A canal where you will find boats parked, a gondola drifting by, some laundry hanging out to dry. Close your eyes and just imagine. Isn’t this like a painting? It is simply incredible how Venice is able to flood the imagination with an atmosphere of creative wonder. Mysterious and magical. Every photographer’s heaven! In my opinion, Venice is absolutely one of the most picturesque and photogenic cities in the world.

      Every corner is a great photo opportunity indeed, the photography possibilities are literally endless. In the light of this, after having mentioned what is the best time to have your photoshoot in Venice, referring also to the advantages of having the photoshoot in Venice also by night, I wanted to make a list of the best places for photos in Venice.

      I really care a lot about my couples. Each of them is special and unique. For this reason, I want to ensure them the very best photographic experience during our time spent together in Venice. With attention to this, I absolutely don’t want to miss what are, in my opinion, the most iconic locations.

      Be guided by your Venice photographer among not only the best but also the most beautiful places for photos in Venice.

      Your Venice photographer’s guide for the best 11 places for romantic photos in Venice:


      To begin with, if you truly want to get how stunning this city is, you need to get on top of it. In fact, taking a lift 160ft up to St Mark’s bell tower’s peak will do just that. It is part of the homonymous basilica giving in addition, its name also to the square that houses it. Located in front of the sea, it is to the sea that St Mark’s bell tower owes its construction. In fact, its construction started on a previous tower structure that had the function of sighting pirates and enemy ships.

      Even though it is not possible to go up there with your Venice photographer, I just had to mention it. St Mark’s bell tower is certainly considered one of the symbols of Venice. You simply can’t miss it!

      best places FOR wedding IN venice

      Together with St Mark’s bell tower, St Mark’s square is absolutely the most iconic location in Venice. As a result, it is the center of tourism on the island. For this reason it gets really crowded. Taking beautiful and romantic photos there during the day is pretty challenging. This is why I always recommend to meet up early in the morning. With attention to this, below you can see some photos taken in St Mark’s square in different situations.

      There is a common question I am often asked. What is the main difference between taking photos early in the morning or anytime during the day? Let these photos give you the idea. In any case, midday or afternoon – I always do my best to obtain the very best result.

      Three centuries of love, history and art. Caffe Florian is the oldest service café worldwide. It must be remembered that Caffe Florian has always been the favourite place for the gathering of famous personalities.  Persons such as Charles Dickens, Hemingway, Lord Byron. Even Casanova! These are just a few of the names that have took a sip of coffee in here.

       What makes this caffe so special and stunning is not only its frescoes walls and ceilings but also the mirrors. Giant mirrors with gilded frames patinated by age. Now just image having on your living room’s wall a photo framed. One of the many photos taken during your honeymoon in Venice, wearing your wedding dress.

       This truly feels like to be in an exquisite carillon with the sound of Vivaldi’ Spring in the background. Peering through the beautiful windows you can immediately see the magnificence inside and all of a sudden, you are immediately transported back in time! If you really want to have the very best memory from Venice, include this spot in your photo itinerary! It is absolutely worth it!