Winter Venice wedding at Palazzetto Pisani | Wedding photographer


      If you dream of Venice as the perfect destination for your wedding, you might undoubtedly consider Palazzetto Pisani as a possible wedding venue. Being a Venice wedding photographer gives me indeed, the opportunity to visit the most beautiful wedding venues.

      What’s more, I get to know amazing couples. Such as the one of this winter love story. Historical palaces overlooking the Grand Canal and Palazzetto Pisani is obviously, one of them. In the light of this, I had the privilege of being Sarah and Connor’s wedding photographer visiting Palazzetto Pisani for the first time.

      The first thing to remember is that, if Ca’ Zenobio has attracted Madonna to film the ”Like a Virgin” video clip, Palazzetto Pisani can boast of having been the set of ”Casanova” movie with Heath Ledger.

      So, it was a humid afternoon of November, after a long day of acqua alta. For this reason that day, the only way to get to Palazzetto Pisani was wearing a pair of boots. In fact, it was a real challenge for a Venice wedding photographer 🙂 A touching symbolic ceremony took place at Salone del Doge, the most beautiful room on the Noble floor. At the end of the ceremony though, after some group shots with friends, I asked the couple to get closer to the balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. Besides enjoying a unique view, I managed to take some romantic portraits. Afterwards, we went outside to take some larger group photos as well as some intimate moments of the newlyweds.

      In conclusion, you can spend some wonderful time at Palazzetto Pisani not necessarily holding a wedding. In other words, you can spend some time at Palazzetto also for other occasions. For example, planning a surprise marriage proposal or celebrating your engagement, honeymoon or anniversary. Its warm atmosphere is also ideal to spend some time with family.

      In addition to the beauty of the Palace, from time to time you will be able to hear even some players. Celo as well as piano players playing from the nearby music academy. Can you imagine such an atmosphere? Despite the hard time that acqua alta has given us, it was a beautiful wedding.

      Last but not least, if you will ever plan a party or a wedding celebration in Venice, put Palazzetto Pisani on your list. Precisely, on the list of your favorite wedding venues in Venice. Moreover, I would be delighted to be your wedding photographer in such a particular palace. I’m sure that by scrolling down this love story, you will find some inspiration for your wedding. Even though it was short but sweet, you can still get a feeling to get how it felt. In fact, as a Venice wedding photographer, I always put all myself to document the wedding day in the best possible way.

      Celebrating your wedding is undeniably one of the most important days of your life. For this reason, as a Venice wedding photographer, I strive to capture the very essence of this magic.

      Palazzetto Pisani wedding photographer Venice

      Palazzetto Pisani wedding photographer Venice